10 Things Should Never Do On Your Android phone – Safe your phone

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You Should Never Do:  Hello Friends Today in this article I am going to share with 10 things you should never do on your android phone and how to keep your mobile safe. So, If you also want to keep your Android phone safe and secure please keep on reading!


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Guys, you might be done many things on your Android phone or till now you might be doing many things which should not be done. So, what are the things we should not do on our Android smartphone, Let’s see!

Never Do On Your Android phone

Never Do On Your Android phone

10 Things You Should do to safe your Phone

1. The First thing does not install an app from any unknown sources: Guys, many of you might be installed many apps from the unknown sources. Many people search for apps in the google because they give you the many paid apps in free of cost. But I want to recommend you that do not install any app from any unknown sources.There is very safe option for you that is Playstore Millions of App are available there, please do install from there. Only for some money you are going to unknown sources and do your phone less lasting and among that you also lose your privacy and shared your information there which may be very dangerous for you later on.

2. Killing Apps from Recent Apps Menu: It is common to almost every android users that the open the recent app button on their phone and used to slide left and right after every minutes to delete the recent apps by thinking that after doing this their phone is work faster but this is very bad habit because android it self-know how to manage RAM and it will itself clean some recent apps if its need. When you do do this it actually harms your phone rather than giving you benefit because when you once again open this app the app once again have to reload from the fast and it gives effect to the processor and battery but if you have not deleted your recent apps it will not have to reload from before.

3. Using An Antivirus Software: Guys among you many of you might of be using Antivirus on your android phone. Guys this is good to install antivirus on your android phone. If you are using trusted apps from the Play store there is no need for any antivirus your phone will always stay secure and download things from the reputed website then there is no need for any antivirus.It is different things to install antivirus on your computer but it is not needed to install on your phone.

4. Using Battery Saver: Guys you might be using Battery Saver because you want that your battery should last until tonight. But using Battery Saver in very bad and you should not do this. The battery saver do the same which I have said above not to do, the battery saver delete the recent apps as soon as you close the apps and it also directly close the wifi, Bluetooth, Flash etc. which you can also do yourself. Why you need this they simply harm your phone. So, guys do not use any battery saver they do not give you any benefit.

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5. Fake Apps installing: Guys you might be seen that many fake apps are available in the play store such as they will say that they will give you extra features in your phone like they will provide your fast mobile charging features or they will give you finger print scanner, so they never gonna benefit you they will simply disturb you by showing you too many ads anytime. So, stay away from that time of fake apps available on the internet.


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6. Clearing Cache Memory: Nowadays many Cleaners are available in the play store like C Cleaner, Hi security etc. they said that they will keep your mobile secure but it is not good to use any Cleaner in your phone. When you use this type of Cleaner they simply delete the things which are temporarily used to store in your phone such that when we use some thing and close it after opening the same it does not reload once again but if you clean with your Cleaner then all the memory get erase and the same thing has to be reloaded once again which effect the processor and battery. So, Do not install this type of cleaning apps on your phone.

7. Trusting Fake Message: Guys you might be seen on your WhatsApp that much message use to come on your WhatsApp daily they used to say that share this message to your 20 friends you will get Rs.500 after 10 minutes but I want to say you that they are totally fake please do not believe in this type of message. They simply make you fool.

8. Rooting without knowing: Guys this is one type of joke that much people use to root without knowing about rooting, they simply thought that rooting is a very cool process so, they used to root their phone but please do not do if you do not know about rooting but yeah you can do it if you know that what is rooting and what you are going to do by rooting your phone. So, guys please do not simply root your phone if you do not know about it.

9. Ignoring App permission: Guys you might know that the latest version of Android gives you to give permission for apps. You might know that if you want to send voice message to your friend then they will ask you to allow permission for your mike that is right but you might be seen that many apps like torch application sometimes ask you to allow your GPS permission etc. what is the need of GPS there too on the torch. So, ignore this type of permission.

10. Not Restarting your phone: Guys I know that phone is for using a long time but dear friends you should give them rest for few minutes and restart your phone after every 5 to 6 days which will give your phone freshmen and it will work properly and in a very cool way. So, please make habit of restarting your phone after 5 to 6 days.

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