Apple may bring iphone X’s Face ID features to all models in 2018

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Apple may bring iphone X’s Face ID features to all models in 2018


New Delhi: One of the most touted features of Apple tenth anniversary iphone, iphone X is its Face ID. In fact during the unveiling of iphone X last month, Apple talked most about the feature.

Now as per latest reports, all iphone models from 2018 onwards will sport the Face ID. The forecast comes form KGI Securities analyst ming chi kup known for his  Apple related predictions.

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Kuo had hinted same indirectly in a report last month too. However, the report had a caveat that Apple will include Face ID in next years smart phones only if the feature gets due traction this year with the iPhone X.

In trhe lastest note to investors obtained by Macrumours, Kuo predict that the upcoming iphone models are likely to ditch the Touch ID or the fingerpoint recognition teach completely.

Kuo says that Face ID is likely to keep iphone on top of its game as Android OEMs could take time to match Apple True Depth technology, which is used in Face ID. This means that Face Id will stay a major selling point for the company for the next year at least, if not more.

We predict all new 2H18F iphones models will likely abandon finger point recognition. We believe this change will all new models to realize a competitive advantages via differentiation on the back of an integrated user experience of full screen design and True depth camera facial recognition face id AR applications, said kuo in the research note. If kuo predictions come true the Apple iphones 8 and iphones 8 plus will be the last in linve to come with Touch Id sensors. As the current generation flagship iphones  iphones 8 and iphones 8 plus comes sans Face Id.

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