Can Reveal the username of anonymous users? Is Sarahah Hacked??

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Recently an app called Sarahah developed by  Zain al-Abidib Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia in 2016 in the internet went viral for it’s unique feature by which you can send users, friends and family, office anonymous feedback. and their app crossed the magic of 1 crore download in playstore. Well this nothing wrong that an app is viral and that can mislead or hack users. But there are always some spammers and hackers who always keep an eye on such type of app or website to make their free money with the help of the main program or app. A website called who promises to reveal the username of the users. So, please  don’t be get fooled, here we reviewed the app. To know how misleading and making money read the full article below.

[quads id=1] is it fake or true?

When your friends send you an interesting comment or feedback through website we are certainly crazy to know about the useror sender. Beaware hackers understands common man so that they can make use of it. So, they make an website looks like similar to As you may aware that people are sending a lot of buzz of the website who can reveal the username of the sender by putting your user name there.

Below is the schreenshot of the website that looks like the original app or website.

Below we have given a brief review of saraha spyer whether it’s genuine or fake, a full review will be updated too.

Sarahah Spyer – Fake or Genuine? How They can Reveal the username?

As you enter into the sarahah sper website, it is showing message like, “thanks who ever made this app”,”t works, thanks”,etc, etc. that looks like real comments. But these massages are actually not real. They are designed as real to make fool of it.

When you try to comment on it, it says , “We are getting many comment, please wait!“. When you enter again and again it give same output.

Now come to the real game. This website ask you to give your sarahah username and click on check now to reveal the senders. When you do so, it shows an message that, “This system is free to use as many times you want. To help pay servers costs we ask that you download 2 FREE Mobile apps or complete one Short Survey.

Guess what it is saying? Download 2 free copy of mobile apps. But never do it. As itnever reveal the username of the users data. So, why is asking to download 2 mobile apps. Well if you do’t know the internet world, I honestly request you to review any website that claims on offer or price through different different sources. Because the internet is infected with cancer of affiliate marketing. Thy sarahah spyer alsomake commision of ech app whenever you downloal the apps. Thus making a black money with the help of viral app.

Below is the schreenshot how it ask users to download Mobile apps.

In final sarahah spyer does nothing and they earn affilate offers by this fake spying. Sarahah officialy does not declared that their website give users data to third party website, nor it hacked.

When you click Decrypt messages, it will ask to complete the affiliate offers and it may even charge you money, and at last, it does nothing and earn money by this fake spying.

Final Words.

[quads id=3]

So, remember that Sarahah spyer is a fake website.

Along these lines, the is a fake site who run only to make cash reason.

Sarahah spyer can not reveal the name of the sender as the first will never do as such.

Thus, on the off chance that you are squandering your opportunity with Sarahah spyer, at that point please overlook that you can ever think about the sender of the unknown message.

Regardless of the possibility that the unknown messages can be it is possible that I love you or I hate you, you can not know who send it to you on official site.


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