How To Hide and Unhide My Whatsapp Chats- In an Easy way

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Hide and unhide your Whatsapp Chats: Hello Guys, This on of the top search on the google how to delete my whatsapp chats. Some people search that how to hide my girlfriend chats some use to search for how to hide my friends chats because many bad photo and video use to come from friends like this topic is viral. So, if your searching for the same thing you are on the right place.So, here you are going to get complete answer of  How To Hide and Unhide My Whatsapp Chats.


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Guys, Today in this article I am going  am going to share with you how to hide and unhide your whatsapp chats in your whatsapp, guys if you want to keep on reading!

Why Should We Hide our Whatsapp Chats

Guys, there may be many reason for why you should hide your whatsapp chats. Some people want to hide their whatsapp chats because their girlfriend use to message them and they dont want to show this with their family members and some people want to hide because they use to join in group and many different kind of message use to come every moment such as sometimes some people use to send naked images and videos which you cant show to your family memebers meanwhile if you do not hide your chats your message may seen by them if they check your mobile.

Hide and Unhide My Whatsapp Chats

Hide and Unhide My Whatsapp Chats

How to Hide My Whatsapp Chats 

Friends here I am going to give to one very easy and simple method to hide you whatsapp chats right now so, to know how to hide your whatsapp chats please follow the steps  given below :

  1. First you open your WhatsApp in your smartphone in a normal way as usual.
  2. After that press on the chat for some time which  you want to hide.
  3. After that you you will see some option on the top of your screen of whatsapp.
  4. Then you simply just click on the archeive option on the top of the screeen.
  5. Then your chat you directly hide from your chats option.

How To Hide your all Whatsapp Chats

  1. First you open up your whatsapp on you smartphone.
  2. Then you see three dots on the top of the screen, click on that three dots.
  3. After that click on settings.
  4. Then after you simply click on the chats option.
  5. After that at the bottom of the screen you will see see an option Chat history click on that option.
  6. After that Click on the option Archive all chats.
  7. You have done your work, your all whatsapp chats have been hidden now.

How to Unhide My Whatsapp Chats 

Now the question to lots of people that now we have hide our whatsapp chats but how we will again unhide your whatsapp chats. So, Guys no need to worry about I am going to give you very simple and easy method to unhide your whatsapp chats right now. So, to know follow the steps given below:

  1. First you just open up your whatsapp on your smartphone .
  2. Then just go to chats and I think you are on the chats right now.
  3. Then after you just go bottom of the screen and you will find a option there name Archive, Click on that.
  4. Then you will see there who chats is hidden there then which chats you want to unhide just press for sometime on that name then you will see a option unarchive  on the top click on that.
  5. After that your chat will come to your chats option or it will get unhide which you can see now.
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Guys, I hope you understood the whole process but if you feel any problem feel free to comment below and if you found this article helpful please dont forget to share this with your friend and you can do subscribe our site to get our latest tech updates.

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