How To Make Watermark Photo: Easy and Simple Method

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Watermark Photo: Hello Friends if you are searching for How To Make Watermark Photo in a easy and simple method then you are on the right place, today in this artcile I am going to share with you how to make Watermark photo in a very easy and  simple method. To know please keep on reading!


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Friends, nowadays there is very much need and demand of Watermark in your photo to upload in google beacuse nowadays everybody wants to take credit in their own photo. We have seen that when the image become viral or polpular in the google then people use to share this photo. So, who have uploaded this photo they want to take credit in their photo so people want Watermark on their photo so that they get the credit.

But the question arise is how to make watermark photo which looks professional. And you may be aware that there is lot of ways to make Watermark photo but today I am going to share with you the very easy and simple method to make professional Watermark photo in free.

How To Make Watermark Photo

How To Make Watermark Photo


How To Make Watermark Photo, Easy Way

1.Free Online tools

The easy  and most trending way to make a professional watermark photo is to use an free online tools like PicMarkr which are easiy available on the google in free which will give professional looks. Upload up to five photos, or pull them from Flickr or Facebook, then pick from three watermarking options (text, image, or tiled).

Whereas a text watermark is similar to the one previously outlined, an image watermark places another image (such as a logo) on top of the original (you need to resize it beforehand). The issue with using PicMarkr to create an image watermark is that it doesn’t let you choose the opacity of the secondary image, so you can’t blend with the original photo. The third option, a tiled watermark, simply layers a text or image all over the picture.

Best Online Tools:

  •  is one of the best tools which offers you more flexibility in that it lets you drag a text or image watermark anywhere on the photo. The free software also allows you to adjust the font, image opacity and color which gives you images professional looks. Of the three mentioned, can give you the most professional-looking results.
  • is also the another another option for you to make watermark photo. What sets this site apart is that all of the work is done locally, meaning none of your content is transferred to their servers to be watermarked, which adds an extra layer of privacy.
  •  PicMark  is also the another best online tool for making an watermark photo and it takes a cleaner approach by creating a frame around an image. Sadly, while leaving your photo untouched looks nice, someone can still easily cut your image out of the frame. And, you can’t choose the size of the watermarked image.This method is fast and easy and also give you quite good result.
  • Adobe Photoshop is the another software for you. Adding a text watermark in Photoshop is a very easy process. Just use the Type tool and place a text string over the photo in gray. There you can edit your photo and make it as you want.
  •  is the another way for you to create an amazing Watermark photo. Watermark Pictures Protector also costs about $20 and can be downloaded from the main website This software also gives you amazing and wonderful watermark photo which you will love to see.

2. Best Android Watermarks Apps

Friends if you are searching for how to make watermark photo in easy and simple method you can also use the Android apps which will give you amazing professional looking watermark photos or images. You will be shocked to see that such an amazing watermark photo or images can be produced with this simple android apps which are given below for you:


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Best Android Watermark Apps

  • InstaMark is one of the best Android Watermark App which is free. You can make personalize watermark.  This  watermark App for photographer images is not only applications with standard text watermark or image features, it has such features as the standard of applications watermark in general. It performs watermarking which specializes in watermark very informative. Here you can add your current location, weather reports, clipart, clipart special events and much more. The Watermark added by InstaMark is also editable, text can be added to further customize the watermark.                                                                                                                        Note: The location features is needed when watermark created requires location services (GPS) to be activated
  • Watermark Photo is also one of the top and best Watermark Photo App which is also free of cost. It is a very simple and easy application for Android that lets you add text or image watermark to your photos or images. It is small application and easy to be used and it comes with a default clipart gallery that you can use for watermarking. You get different types of stamped symbols, images, signs – street signs and more. When you add text, the font, opacity and text color can be changed or modified.
  • Add Watermark is the another way for you to create an amazing Professional Watermark Photo in free of cost that is really amazing which you can also use. This app supports photograph manufacture both single photo and batch photo work mode. In single-image mode, you can load an image from the gallery or take a new one with the on camera and then upload to Add Watermark Free.                                                                  Features of Watermark can be text form or images form with lots of settings available to configure, for example you can change the colors, adjust opacity, watermark orientation, font, text size and others. you acn use this Add Watermark Free it is very easy and simple to use.

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3.Using Desktop Software

You can get the amazing desktop software for making watermark photo or image, which essentially does the same things as the aforementioned online tools. However, because you don’t need an internet connection, you will find the process faster and you keep your photos on your hard drive. There is plenty of software available in the market among them some are free and some are paid but that do the same thing, although each comes with a different set of extras.

Best Desktop Watermark Software

  1. Alamoon Watermark is one of the best option for you to create amazing Watermark photo or images. This software allows you to crop and resize your photo, you can use a variety of image formats, and can change the image quality.
  2.  TSR Watermark and uMark are the another option for you the latter of which is a premium app that lets you apply graphics and perform batch watermarking. You can also get the uMark in a free version with limited features and functionality which will be little bit irritating so, I think you should buy it and enjoy the premium version which will satisfy your needs.
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Friends, I hope you understood the whole article completely but if you have any query you can comment down below and if you found this article helpful please do not forget to share this with your friends!

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