How To Put Ads on Your Website or Blog- Easy Way

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How to put Ads on your website: Hello Friends, Today in this article   I am going to share with you how to put ads on your website or blog in a very simple and easy way. I  am going to discuss this with you in complete details so that you do not feel any problem.

Friends, you might have an amazing blog or an amazing site but do not know how to put ads on your blog or website and earn money. So now I am going to solve your problem which will let you earn a nice amount of money from your website. If you really want to earn some money with your website by putting ads on your site then keep on reading!

Thing You need to Put Ads o your Website

Before you put ads on your website first you will need some important thing which will allow you to put Ads on your Website. The two things you need are given below:

  1. Adsense Account: First thing you should have to put ads on your website is Google Adsense Account. Friends if you did not have an Adsense account then first you should apply for it after that if you account to get approved by google then only you will be able to put ads on your website to earn money.

WP Quads: The second thing you need is WP Quads this a Free WordPress Plugin which you can install in your WordPress Website in free. After your Google Adsense Account gets approved then you install the WP Quads Plugin on your Website.

How To Put Ads on Your Website or Blog

Note: When you will open your Adsense account then you will get a option to Turn on Auto Ads  but you should keep in mind that you do not on the Auto Ads because it will make your website dirty beacuseif you turn on auto ads then they will show ads every where in your website which will make your website looking bad.

1.First You open your Google Adsense Account.

2.Then go the My Ads

3.After that Click on Ad Units

4.After that go to New Ad Unit

5. Then after that give a Name to the Ads

6. After that you choose the size of the unit which you want.

7. After that Click On Save and Get Code

8. Copy the code and go to WP Quads Setting

9.After that Paste the code on Ad Code option of WP Quads Setting.


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