How To Get iPhone’ s Portrait Lighting For Android

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iPhone’s Portrait Lighting For Android: Hello Guys, You might have aware of the best amazing top trending feature of iPhone 8 Plus. But this amazing feature is not available in the Android so, Today I am going to share with How To Get iPhone’s Portrait Lighting For Android.

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Friends, might be know that Apple has recently launched it’s latest amazing series of iPhone that are the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, and the iPhone X and this phone are currently on the hot catergory of Tech World because ot its amazing feature Portrait Lighting Effect.

But it is very hard or not possible for a normal person to buy this phone. Especially for students it is not possible because I think your parents will suggest you to buy android instead for iPhone but very much interested to Portrait Lighting Effect so if you are android users do not worry I will tell you how to get iPhones Portrait Lighting For android.

Today every youngester or every student want to enjoy this Portrait lighting Effect on Android because this portrait lighting effect gives an amazing picture, it gives the photo a wonderful looks means another beauty is added on the photo which every young people want.

So, without wasting our time let see how to get iPhone portrait lighting for android in a very simple and easy in steps by steps.

iPhone’ s Portrait Lighting For Android

iPhone’ s Portrait Lighting For Android

How To Get iPhone’s Portrait Lighting For Android

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Here in this tutorial I am going to tech you  step by step how to get iPhone Portrait Lighting effect on your andorid which you can learn in just 2 minutes if you read carefully, I hope you will enjoy the article and help you to understand very nicely.

If you really want to learn than please read the whole article if you jump or skip any step you may feel problem to undertand so, do not  skip any step to understand nicely.

Step 1:

Open any of the photo editor on your andorid device which you really like most, but if you tell me to suggest then I will suggest you one of the best photo editor that is Snapseed editor which available in the playstore for free.

iPhone’ s Portrait Lighting For Android

iPhone’ s Portrait Lighting For Android

Step 2:

Now open the photo or image that you want to edit and crop it till your face level or you can also have it till what ever level you want to have.

Step 3:

Now you have to apply a simple white and black filter and first make the whole picture black and white.

You can also do the step 4 first and then do the step 3, but doing Step 3 first that is by putting the Black and White filter will give you a better idea of till what you want your photo to display the portrait lighting effect.

Step 4:

Now, Crop the photo to a view port so that we can now do the actual portrait lighting effect.

Step 5:

Now go to the image tuner and reduce the “shadow bar” to a negative value to make the darker parts of the picture more prominent which makes the brighter part stand out.

Step 6:

Now go the brush options it will differs from editor to editor, and reduce the exposure level and touch on the regions that you want to make darker or even completely go black in the image.

This way you can make your actual highlighted part of the subject stand apart and give it a lighting effect. Do this step again and again by applying the negative exposure repeatedly to necessary level.

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Step 7:

Once you are done with your editing, save it and flaunt your edit to your friends by sharing it. This editing process will take your just  2 minutes or less and it comes totally free of cost. This shows that the portrait lighting effect, the only “unique” feature that the iPhone 8 plus or the iPhone X had not so “unique” after all and you don’t have to spend $1000 on that. You can also get in you android very easily.

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Guys, I hope You understood the whole thing completely but till now if you have any query you can comment below and if you found this artcile helpful please do not forget to share this with your friends.

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