Reliance Jio 5G Phone Launched Date, Price & Free Data For One Year

Jio 5G Phone Launched Date

Jio 5G Phone: Hello Friends, Today in this article I am going to share with you about Reliance Jio 5G Phone Launched Date, Price & Free Data for one year. Friends, here I am going to talk all about Jio 5G phone in complete details. To know keep reading!

Reliance Jio is the top trending Telecom company which is in the top. Reliance Jio is giving amazing speed to all the Jio users, Jio has invested too many money to make the Jio 4g better than every Telecom company.

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After launching the 4g Volte Recently now Jio is going to launched it`s 5g Technology. Jio is going to launched it`s Jio 5G phone very soon and you will get 5G speed internet for free for complete one year.

Jio 5G Phone Launch DateĀ 

The recent rumors stating that the 5G Internet will be soon launched in India. The progressive work is going on at present. The Reliance, Airtel, BSNL are competing to launch the 5G Services. Approximately, the 5G Services will be launched in late 2018 or in First quarter of 2019.

People are Eagerly Waiting for JIO 5G Mobile Devices, Routers, SIM Cards to Experience More fast Internet data and Quality voice calls than 4G Technology. We should wait until getting Official Notice From Company. Until All these are treated to be Like Rumors.

Jio 5G Phone launched Date
Jio 5G Phone launched Date

Jio 5G SpeedĀ Ā 

The Jio 5G speed is expected to range from 1GBPS to 100GBPS. We have to wait until the 5G Technology has been introduced by the Reliance.

Jio 5G Phone PriceĀ 

The Jio 5G Phone is going to be launched by Jio very soon and according to the news report, the price of the Jio Phone will Rs. 5,999 but in India, it will launch at Rs. 2,999 which will be an amazing offer you all.

Jio 5G SIMĀ 

If you are an old Jio SIM users or if you have a 4G Jio SIM then you no need to buy any more Jio SIM if you put your 4G Jio SIMĀ  in the 5G Jio Phone it will directly upgrade to 5G.

Jio 4G SIM we are getting is of 128k which is more effective than past ages like 2G and 3G. Jio is also a systems administration organization so we can acknowledge jio 5G sim like other telecom organizations like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc.

We can acknowledge Jio 5G sim maybe 256k, by the way, jio 5G sim as well as Airtel 5G sim, Vodafone 5G sim will likewise be of 256k.

Free Data For One Year

You are going to get Unlimited Free Data, Call & SMS for free. Now once again you can enjoy the free data for one year in free of cost.

JIO 5G Plans

Already JIO 4G plans withĀ JIO Prime MembershipĀ is very affordable, costing Rs 10 a day.Ā Talking about theĀ JIO 5G priceĀ and also the JioPhoneĀ nothing has been revealed yet.

The JIO 5G Plans will be much competitive thanĀ Airtel 5G, Aircel 5G, Vodafone 5G in India.

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Jio 5G DeviceĀ 

Jio was the primary organization to launch VoLTE services in India and after that Airtel launched VoLTE includes too for Smartphone, so now the inquiry emerges what kind of gadgets will support jio 5g service or other 5g services.

5G will use various transfer speeds and recurrence so we require that sort of Smartphone that can support 5G services. Barely any organizations have just begun making 5G perfect gadgets.

Jio 5G RouterĀ 

Yet, the 4G router has not been introduced. The 5G router information is not yet sure. Might be after the introduction of the 4G router, and 5G technology, the router information will be revealed by the Reliance Jio.

What is the right time for Jio 5G to be launched in India?

The right time is any time when the device ecosystem is available. The devices will have to come to the India prices. A lot of focus is on to replace the 2G handsets by bringing very low-cost handsets, and the same kind of concept will happen on 5G.

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Identification of the use cases and relevant devices to enable those use cases should be a focus area for the industry. The network technology part is very easy, and it can be roll-out, given the spectrum is available.


India has a chance to launch 5G service with 3.5GHz or 3500 MHz frequency band as a major building block with the distribution of sufficient quantum of wireless transmissions to every operator.

In August last year, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had looked for the businessā€™ perspectives on the valuation procedure of range in the 3300-3400 MHz and 3400-3600 MHz groups, which are used for 5G administrations.

The TRAI intends to put 175 MHz (3425-3600 MHz) radio waves to services in the upcoming sale while 25 MHz range (3400-3425 MHz) is recognized for ISROā€™s usage in Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).

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