Latest Amazing WhatsApp Tricks Of 2018 You Will Love To know- Hang your Friends Phone!

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Latest Amazing WhatsApp Tricks: Hello Guys, Nowadays almost every people use to do WhatsApp and I think you might also have a WhatsApp Account. Like you and all I also use to do Whatsapp and few days before I was using WhatsApp then suddenly a thought came to my mind that I should learn all the latest Amazing  WhatsApp Tricks of 2018 and want to share all these tricks of WhatsApp with you right now which you will Love to know!

I want to say you that Today I am going to give all the interesting and amazing tricks of WhatsApp which will love to know very much and with this tricks you can enjoy a lot. So to know all the tricks please keep reading the full article completely!

What are the Latest Amazing WhatsApp Tricks of 2018

Guys, you might be very excited to know the this wonderful WhatsApp tricks very soon but no problem I am going to give you in a very masterful way which will help you to understand very easily. And please do not skip so that you do not miss the important otherwise the tricks may not works if you do not understand the things completely .

So, the few Latest Amazing WhatsApp Tricks of 2018 which you will love to know are given below:

1.Hang your Friends Phone:

Yeah, Friends, you heard the right things you can hang your friends mobile with just a simple message sending to your friends with your WhatsApp account. Friends, you might be unknown about that Whatsapp facts that if you type more than 1000 characters in just only one message than Whatsapp cannot control your message because WhatsApp can Control only below 1000 characters in a just single message.

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Latest Amazing WhatsApp Tricks Of 2018

Latest Amazing WhatsApp Tricks Of 2018

If you type more than 1000 characters in your WhatsApp and send to your Friends then his/her phone will get hang because WhatsApp cannot control more than 1000 characters in a single message. The hang will be more powerful if you type more characters means that as much more characters you will type more powerful will be the hang.

So to safe from others, you have to delete the chats then only you can stay safe from getting your mobile hang. If you get any this type of message do not click on it, you simply delete the message because it affects your phone very much.

2. Send Your Live Location

Hello Guys, now you can send your Live Location to anyone where you are. If your friends want to come in your home and he/she do not know your home then if you are in the home then you can send him/her your live location so, that he/she can come to your home by seeing in the map where you are.

To send the live location you have to have to go down and click on the insert button near the camera button then you will get some options then from that options you click on the Location option after that a new pop up will appear to you then there you will get option to share and send your live location to whom you want to send and share with.

3. Chat Backup

Hello Guys, you might be sometimes in mistake delete your WhatsApp chats which you need right now or sometimes by mistake you delete your message and after sometimes you again want to see that message then how will you recover this message. And Sometimes in mistake you might also delete some important photo and video from your WhatsApp which may be very important for you right now but now you do not need to worry about today there is a simple way to recover your all delete message, photo, video right now which you have deleted.

You simply go the settings of your Whatsapp then after that Click on the Chats option then again a new menu will appear to you after that go down and you will see a option “Chat Backup” click on that after that again a new popup menu will appear then there you will get a option in the green colour box “Backup” click on that after that all your photos, message and videos will recover once again and then you will again able to see all that photos, messages and videos right now.

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4.Status shown to only specific person

Guys, sometimes you might be giving some status which you does not want to show your all contacts, you want that your that status should able to see only those person which you want. Friends, sometimes you give videos in status which you cannot show to to the family members and if they are also their in your contacts list then they will show your status so in such situation you have a choice in your hand and you can make your status shown to only specific person person whom you wants to show.

For this you simply go to the Settings of your Whatsapp after that you have to go the Privacy option then a lots of option will appear to you in a new screen then you little bit go down and you will see a option “Status” click on that option after that click on the “Only share with…” then there you will be able to choose with whom you want to share your status.

5. You can also see someone Status but he/she will not know that you have seen his/her Status

Guys, this is again a amazing tricks is for you all, this trick is that you might be sometimes want to see someone status but you dont want  to show them that you have shown his/her status then you have no problem there is a amazing solution trick for you which will allow you to see your friends Whatsapp Status but he/she will not show your record that you have seen his/her status.

For that you simply go the Settings of your WhatsApp Application then after that you directly go to the Account then after that Click on the first option “Privacy”  after that you directly go the bottom of the page and you will see a option “Read Receipts” option click then there you will see that the Read receipts box is ticked then after you simply untick the box then nobody will know you that you have shown there whatsapp status or their message.

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Guys, I hope you understood the whole article completely but again if you have any query you can comment below and friends if you found this article helpful please do not forget to share this with your friends.

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