The Secret Hidden Tricks Of Android which you should know in 2018

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Secret Hidden Tricks of Android: Hello Guys, are your searching for amazing or the secret Hidden Tricks of Android which you should know in 2018?, then Friends you are in the right place. Guys, Today here I am going to share with about the two most amazing tricks to hide your private folder on your smartphone without using any Android Application.

Guys, these two tricks or methods are possible on any android phone without installing any other application from play store, I hope you will enjoy the tricks a lot. It is very much important for every Android Users to know this Tricks and they should use this for their private folder.

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Why Should You Know this Tricks

Friends, I think it is very much important to know this tricks in 2018. Because Nowadays, we have many personal or private things on our Android phone or in our folder but we cant show them to our family. So, how we stay safe from them, for this many people use to delete even their Girlfriend/Boyfriend Photos from their Mobile because he/she is afraid of their Family members.

But Now you don’t need to do like that, You will be able to keep your every private thing and folders in your Android phone but nobody of your family members will able to see except you but the things will be in your Andriod only. So, its gonna very helpful for you in 2018, because I know you have many secret things which you cant keep open on your smartphone.

So, I am going to give you the Two best and very effective Ways which will allow you to keep each and every private thing and folders in your smartphone but nobody will able to see this except you. So, if you want to know keep reading!

Secret Hidden Tricks Of Android

Secret Hidden Tricks Of Android

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How To Hide Folders In Android Phone

Friends here I am going to give you the only two ways to hide your File and Folders in your Android Phone but this the is the very effective, cool and the rocking ways in 2018.

1.  Method: Hide Your File

  • First Open your File Explorer of your phone.
  • Then Go the Files and Select or go the Phone Storage or Android, where you want to keep your files.
  • And there you create a new folder and you can give the folder any name such as MY Private or any other.
  • After that those Photos, Videos, Audio etc. which you want to hide move them to this New Folder.
  • Then You long press on the Folder and Select Rename Folder, after that put a dot (.) at the beginning of the Folder Name such as .MY Private 
  • After that, The Folder will be hidden from your Android Storage and also from your Gallery.
  • So, Your work has been Done.

2. Method: Guest Mode

Note: The things will be hidden on your Gallery but it will able to see in your File Explorer.

  • First, you Go the Settings of your android phone.
  • Then Go bellow and you will get the Security option, Click on that.
  • After that Tick on the Guest Mode.
  • And you can also keep a password for your Guest Mode, it will show your photos and videos on Gallery if you Enter your Password.
  • Like this also you can hide things in your Gallery.

Guys, If you have any question you can Comment down below. And if you found this article helpful please do not forget to share this with your friends.


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