What is VPN-How to Access blocked websites

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Know About VPN: Hello Guys, are searching for what is VPN and how it works and how to use? So, Guys if you really want to know what is VPN then please keep reading! In this article, I am going to share with you what is VPN and I will give you all the information related to VPN which you need to know.

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What Is VPN( Virtual Private Network)

Guys first let us discuss what is VPN? So,  VPN which is a server which let you access blocked websites which are blocked in your area or country. Suppose you might be seen that when you visit any website then some website says that the site is being blocked or while watching the video they said that this video is not for your country so, in that c, use, you can use VPN server to get access to such type of website and videos. VPN server encrypted your IP address and replace your IP Address with the VPN server address then in a result which allows you to access to blocked websites and videos for your country.

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What is the Work Of  VPN?

VPN is one type of server which helps you to access blocked websites and videos in your country. VPN server replace your IP address with its own IP address which allow you to access blocked websites of your country because when you have VPN then when you will search anything then your message will receive by VPN   and after that VPN will pass the message to the right place like this the blocked websites for your country think that the message has been coming from the address where the VPN is setup.

Can I do Illegal Things With  VPN?

The answer to this question is that no because when you do any illegal things they do not know your IP address but they will catch to VPN  for illegal things happen from you then VPN server will give away all your information to them like this they will at last catch you.

Should I use Free VPN?

I will personally recommend you that you should not use any time of free VPN which are available on the  Play store on google because as they are free there no any safety for you. There is no any guarantee if they are themselves secure or not and how they will make you secure, so your information can leak anywhere by them so do not use them.

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Should I use Paid VPN?

Yes! you can use paid VPN as they are paid they give you quite safety or secure your details but I want to recommend you that do not do any illegal things with them because in their term and conditions they say that if any illegal message came from the government they will simply hand over all your information.

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The benefit of Using VPN

There is a lot of benefit of using  VPN such as with VPN you can hide your IP address which will allow you to access blocked websites and videos which are totally banned from your country. So, you can use VPN to access to blocked website and videos available on the youtube.

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