Whatsapp New Features Group Video Calling and Stickers are coming Soon!

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WhatsApp Group Video Calling And Stickers:  Hello Guys, Today I am here with you to share with you about the New Features of Whatsapp. Guys, it is very good news for all the Whatsapp users that Whatsapp has been released its new features, Whatsapp Group Video Calling and Stickers.


  • The owner of Whatsapp Mark Zuckerberg said that WhatsApp Status used by 450 million people globally
  • WhatsApp Group Video calling feature is going to be launched in the end of the month.
  • Stickers by third-party developers will be supported.
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All About WhatsApp Group Video Calling and Stickers

WhatsApp new features group video calling has been finally confirmed by Facebook at its F8 Developer conference in San Jose, California. A new Stickers feature will also come on the WhatsApp messaging service. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with over one 1.5 billion monthly users across the world. In India, WhatsApp is believed to have over 200 million daily active users.

Voice and video calling are very popular on WhatsApp, and we are excited to share that group Video calling will be coming in the end of the months. New Whatsapp Stickers features are also coming to WhatsApp soon.WhatsApp will support third-party stickers created by developers.

Dear Whatsapp users you already know that WhatsApp already supports voice and video calls in the app, which is a popular feature on the free messaging app, especially in the Indian market. The addition of group video calls will likely make it more appealing to users and strengthen the use cases of the app.

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In the past, there have been leaks about the group video call feature on WhatsApp, but the company has now confirmed it officially. However, there is no release date regarding when group video calling will be rolled out. But it is sure that after the release of Group Video Calling features in Whatsapp it is going to be more popular and going to give a very tough competition to the other messaging apps.

At the F8 conference, it was also revealed that WhatsApp Status, which is a clone of Instagram and Snapchat Stories, has 450 million daily active users. When it comes to the video and audio call feature, users are spending around 2 billion minutes every day on the feature. This also explains why WhatsApp is getting ready to add group calls on video. WhatsApp already has a feature which lets users switch voice to video calls and vice-versa.

WhatsApp will also see the addition of new Stickers feature soon. Again these were also spotted on an Android beta update, though not all users are able to access them just yet. WhatsApp on Android and iOS now supports a location sticker as well.


The feature will be rolled out in the coming months. In February 2018, a feature was spotted on WhatsApp, which allowed users to add up to three participants to a group call, which would mean four users in total on the group video call. Based on the images shared by the WhatsApp team at its F8 presentation, it looks like four people will be able to do a group video chat together at once. Facebook is also rolling out a similar group Video chat for its photo sharing app Instagram with four people in one call.

Mark Zuckerberg also used the opportunity to reveal that WhatsApp’s Status feature is being used by over 450 million people worldwide. WhatsApp for Business, the recently introduced service targeting business, already has 3 million users worldwide, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg said.

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